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Stonelry Natural Premium Auralite 23 Pixiu Crystal (Amethyst) Beaded Bracelet (8.9mm - 16.7mm) #3281008208

Stonelry Natural Premium Auralite 23 Pixiu Crystal (Amethyst) Beaded Bracelet (8.9mm - 16.7mm) #3281008208

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Auralite 23 crystal is a very rare type of amethyst that also well-known as Red Cap Amethyst. Auralite 23 was discovered in Canada in 2007 and formed more than a billion years ago. An auralite 23 crystal often contains a combination of about 2 to 7 different minerals from a list of 23, as its name indicates.

Pixiu is a mythical hybrid creature from China. It is considered as a powerful protector of Feng Shui practitioners and resembles a strong, winged lion. Pixiu is earth and sea variation especially auspicious for wealth and said to consume gold, silver, and jewels with a voracious appetite. Therefore, according to the Chinese zodiac, the Pixiu has always been regarded as an auspicious creature capable of bringing wealth from all directions, and is especially helpful to those who are going through a difficult year.

In any case, if you own an auralite 23 crystal with pixiu, you're one of the very lucky ones. In addition to aligning your chakras, reducing stress, and improving your overall health with auralite 23, the pixiu may also bring you wealth.

ITEM #: 3281008208

WRIST SIZE FOR THE ITEM: Up to 6.25 inches / Customizable (Let us know your size)

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